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Baring Asset Management (Barings) is a global investment management firm with offices, clients and business lines spanning the world's major markets. In retaining its position as a leading global player, Barings strategy demands that it continually strives to improve efficiencies wherever possible through the effective use of technology.


Barings engaged with Neurosoft to improve its mutual fund order processes, streamlining these processes and removing manual effort where it could. A critical element of the project was the adoption of SCANit, the state-of-the-art software solution designed to replace the manual processing of paper receipted documentation (in this case, faxed fund orders) with an exception-based process. Prior to SCANit’s introduction the processing of paper receipted fund orders was entirely manual, a large team of people being required to enter trades manually into the fund transfer agency system, across 2 processing locations, London and Hong Kong. Both the operational cost of maintaining 2 manual input teams and the inherent risk associated with manually processing orders (where, for example, a misplaced decimal point may have far reaching consequences) made strengthening the process further desirable.

By implementing SCANit, Barings were able to:

  • Make a 30% reduction in resource required to process deals manually
  • Manage a 3-fold increase in processing volumes in a single location

Nick LeBrun, Head of Mutual Fund Dealing at Barings, said, “What was noticeable immediately was the speed at which exceptions, when they occurred, could be processed by the team. We are processing between 800 and 1,200 orders per day via SCANit. This represents around 60-70% of global daily deal volume.”

Download the PDF for a more detailed account of the SCANit implementation at Barings.