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VIEWit is an enterprise-scale document imaging solution aimed specifically at organisations that require document filing and publishing without the price tag of a large document management application.

VIEWit accepting documents from multiple sources, including Neurosoft’s scanning service, and publishing these documents across the organisations Intranet.

VIEWit provides:

  • Enterprise-wide desktop access to filed documents, with zero deployment overhead via the Internet Explorer web browser.
  • Requirement specific indexing, including data dictionaries and external data links, that ensure that required documents can be found immediately.
  • Document security with departmental and individual access permissions to segregate access to filed documents.
  • Fast document capture & filing of common windows file types including images (tiff, jpg, etc.), PDF, text, Office documents, etc.

Documents can be filed from a variety of sources. These include:

  • Scanning
  • Pre-defined folder sweeping
  • Windows Drag & Drop
  • Print Capture (from common applications such as Word, Excel, etc.)
  • User Import

Indexes are used to assist in the identification of each document so that it can easily be found among a large number of filed documents. Indexes are customised for varying document types and filing requirements, and are based on an internal data dictionary for consistence and neatness. External data sources (e.g. an accounting system) can be used to provide greater integration and consistency in the indexes.

Document security is paramount and within VIEWit there are several layers of segregation (from company to individual documents) that can be used to isolate documents between business groups and individuals.