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VIEWit Office Integration is the latest addition to the Neurosoft Suite. The VIEWit software has been integrated with Microsoft Office to create a seamless journey for the user, from document creation through document publishing to automatic version control.

Gone are the days of Drag and Drop, or saving the document to your PC in order to file a document. A VIEWit document capture button will appear in the toolbar of the Microsoft Office application and by simply clicking on the button, the document will be sent directly to a VIEWit 6 tray. This provides a fast and efficient way of publishing documents and emails throughout an organisation.

VIEWit Office Integration - Capturing, Filing and Publishing Office documents.

Once the document is in VIEWit, it is available anytime it is needed. By using the powerful Index and Text Search or Folder View options, you can quickly find your document and perform one of many actions on it, including checking-out, downloading or attaching to an email, as required.

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